Things to think about when the customer leaves.

Things to think about when the customer leaves.


There are times when my mind is boggled by work-related issues. Sometimes that’s the case as I write this article now. It means that one of my longtime clients has left my company.

It makes me mad, but I think it’s me.

It’s easy to get pissed off thinking, “I’ve worked so hard over the years”… but hold back and let yourself be the cause. I prefer to think that it was.

Customers have the right to choose their vendors, too. This is the kind of thing that should cause them to think about the cause.

Did I not trust you enough?

In hindsight, maybe I didn’t trust them enough.

But to give you an excuse, no matter how many proposals I made to a younger person in charge of the company, they didn’t trust me. I had the impression that.

Also, forgetting that you’ve done a lot of checking in the past and then forgetting that you’re going to be blamed for it years later. I was fed up and my desire to offer suggestions and advice was diminished. I was immature, wasn’t I?

Was there not enough support?

I don’t know about the other companies, but they responded to the above companies as follows.

…and I thought I was doing it reasonably well, but I guess this was not good enough.

I wondered if I should have taken some kind of action, even if it was only one email a month. For example, why don’t we put more examples of construction? For example, why don’t we post more examples of construction? Or, you could say that you found these topics on the internet.

I prefer to do this over the phone if possible, but it’s also something you don’t know if the other person will benefit from, so email But I don’t know if that’s okay. Maybe it’s important to show that you always care.


There’s no point in goofing off against a distant company, so I’ll try to come up with a plan of action to take advantage of the next one.


I thought I wrote it calmly, but I’m still rattling around in my mind, so there may be some emotional aspects to it. I don’t know.

I just want to take a deep breath, move my body and forget about it as soon as possible.