Buy things based on ease of disposal.

Buy things based on ease of disposal.


At the end of the year, I did some major cleaning. The process of “throwing out” is more boring and difficult than you might think. I managed to clean up this time, but I’ve been thinking about how I can make the process of throwing things away as easy as possible. I’ve been thinking about whether this is a good idea.

Let’s be aware of what’s easy to throw away and what’s hard to throw away

Ultimately, you can throw away anything, but you want to make it as easy as possible to get rid of it. To do this, it’s important to be aware of the materials you’re using. I’ve found that the three main types of materials to look at are as follows

  1. Paper and cloth
  2. Soft plastics (e.g. vinyl)
  3. Hard plastics (plastic cases, boxes, etc.)
  4. Hardware, iron, and electrical appliances

The lower you go, the harder it is to get rid of these materials. Many of the products in the world are a combination of multiple materials, especially hardware and iron. It’s a pain to dispose of.

Now let me describe an example.


You all use files a lot, don’t you? Like this one. The cover is made of paper and the clasp inside is also plastic, which is the “easy to throw away” category.

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On the other hand, if the clasp inside the file is iron, you can’t dispose of it as combustible trash or if it can’t be disassembled. It is a “hard to get rid of” category.

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For example, if a wood base is used and there are only fittings in key places, disassembly work is somewhat easier, and the “I’m going to use the It’s the “easy to throw away” category.

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On the other hand, if the desk itself is made of steel, it’s hard to dispose of it because it can’t be disassembled and it’s hard to dispose of it. It is a category.

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wet wipes

The package is plastic, but it is a “soft” plastic, so it is easy to dispose of.

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If the package is hard plastic, it is difficult to dispose of it. It will be.

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Everything has to be thrown away at some point. The hassle of throwing it away at that time can only be stressful.

When buying, think about whether you really need it first. And when you think about the ease of disposal, it’s easier to keep the room clean, and it’s also easier on the environment. As a result, I think it will save you money.

This is how I felt after I completed my end of year cleaning. Please consider one more step in your purchase.