Six months have passed since I started using dictation. Voice input makes it easier for me to get my thoughts on.

Six months have passed since I started using dictation. Voice input makes it easier for me to get my thoughts on.


About six months ago, I started using my iPhone and voice input to write blog posts. I’ve been doing this for six months and I’m going to write about what I thought.

It’s a lot easier to stop typing on the keyboard.

Before I blogged with voice input, I used to write blog posts using a keyboard, of course! .

The more you try to write long articles, the more your arms get tired. But dictation is very easy as all you have to do is speak.

I can feel it.

I write blog posts in the sense of spoken words, which can be slightly redundant. Depending on people’s habits, it can end up being repetitive, like sharing.
However, because your spoken words become your sentences, the “individual thoughts” that you are, are normal sentences It seems to have more in it than the others, what do you think?

You’ll need to revise after you type.

The dictation itself is very accurate and the text is comfortable to use as is.

However, I am making some minor tweaks to the text text text after I’ve done the voice input. This is to fix the duplicate phrases I noted above, and to fix the occasional typos that occur .

And, of course, I’m thinking about it as I speak, but I’m not sure that the problems I’m raising and the solutions I’m solving are in sync. Sometimes.

That’s simply because I’m writing out a blog post anyway, without getting it all in my head in order. Maybe ^_^^

But it’s not an extreme hassle because you only have to adjust the text you’ve dictated.

Blogging has become a lot of fun. All that’s left is the stories.

If you have an iPhone, try this dictation tool. You’ll feel like you’re speaking in real time, and the text is being input in real time! The way things are going, it makes me more aware that I want to write and output a blog.

Writing has become fun, so all that’s left is the blog post stuff. In my case, I’m fixed on a flow where I list the title of the blog first and write out the expected stories as needed, and I’ve been doing this for a while now.

I’ve also patterned the overall structure of the blog to some extent.

It’s even easier if it’s a diary.

In the case of blog posts that you write in your own way and with logic, you need to speak as you think, but daily diary You can further benefit from voice input if you are

In a diary, you can simply write what you think, so you don’t have to add logic to it. You’ll have a lot of fun because you’ll be able to make sentences happen as if you’re really talking, not


Six months later, I’m writing my thoughts, and I’m personally writing a blog post with voice input for all of you. I wish I could have them. I’m very comfortable with it, I can’t leave it anymore.

Writing what you think is the essence and personality of a blog post, and the time you spend writing, voice It’s really meaningful to be able to shorten the time you spend typing and still be able to output your work.

In particular, it is important to write your thoughts and experiences in a way that appeals to others in spoken language, which is important in a blog post. It can be done, so I personally recommend it.

I encourage you to try writing blog posts by voice input.

This is the headset I use in the game playground, and it’s 4-pole, so it’s easy to use!