My response to a copyright claim on Youtube from a supposedly third-party organization

My response to a copyright claim on Youtube from a supposedly third-party organization


I’m a game player, and sometimes when I upload videos to Youtube, it’s a foreign country Sometimes an unfamiliar group from the United States of America files a copyright claim on your work.
I will describe how to file an objection at that time.

My thoughts at the beginning

What are the copyright rules for live gameplay and distribution? The correct answer is that different games and manufacturers make different decisions, but basically, gray and You should think. It’s just tacitly accepted.

So, for example, in response to a video of “Street Fighter”, it came from the manufacturer “Capcom”. But I’m open to objecting to third parties. However, I have taken a stance on objecting to third parties who are unfamiliar to me. It is.

There are pros and cons to this idea as well, but you need to judge for yourself. I’m just saying that’s what I think.

Here is a list of supposed third parties for your reference.

List of organizations to be suspicious of when they “match third party content” on YouTube Wiki |. FANDOM powered by Wikia

How to file an objection

It’s this video itself from overseas. Basically, you can get them to do this.

Regarding the text part of the reason.

In the video above, there is a section describing the text. Here’s an excerpt.

 The work allegedly being infringed upon is not owned by "★OrganizationName★" and is my original creation. Positive and "*Organization name*" has no rights to the work.

Here’s how it’s translated into Japanese

 The work allegedly infringed upon is not the property of *Organization Name*, it is my original work. This is a false positive and *Organization Name* has no rights to the work.

Please change the ★name of the organization ★ to the name of the organization you have claimed.