Why I use my blog as a note

Why I use my blog as a note


I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but here’s why I use my blog as a memo.

People forget.

I am an old man of good age, but as we get older, we forget our memories. This is an unmistakable fact.

I keep repeating, “Look up the technical information,” then “solve it,” then “don’t write it down and forget it. It’s a waste of time to look up something you’ve looked up before and then look it up again, so it’s better to write it down.

Taking notes is a pain. But it’s better to do it.

I once saw a video of a lecture by Daigo Umehara, a professional gamer, and I thought, “I see. I think he was talking about how you should find the one thing that made you grow from yesterday.

There’s always something you learn, even if it’s a little bit of perspective or very small growth. By writing down the things I learned, I can look back and realize how much I have grown. I think it can be something you can do. It could be a notebook, a blog, anything. I do this because blogging is the easiest method for me. I’m sure you all find blogging to be the easiest way to do it too.

I’m learning what I think and what I feel, too.

I’ve never been good at writing my thoughts in a public forum like a blog. I don’t think I would want to read them. But this blog is a private note-taking site and “what I think” is something I’ve learned. I’m starting to wonder if it’s okay to write about it.

A few years later, I look back at what I thought and say, “Oh, I’m writing something embarrassing…” or “I’ve been thinking about it since this time. If you can feel things like “I’ve changed” or “I was wrong in my thinking at the time,” then your notes are not in vain. I don’t think so.