I switched from Mac to Windows.

I switched from Mac to Windows.


For many years, I worked on a Mac, but recently switched to Windows. But recently, I switched to Windows. I’d like to make a note of the process and what I did with the transition.

Why did we move to Windows?

There are a couple of things, but first and foremost it’s because recent Apple products are expensive. Originally, Mac is a manufacturer of pricey products, but the MacPro, announced in 2019 I became a “no good” thought by the fact that the lowest price of the MacPro is 600,000 yen and up. I was aiming for that.

The next reason is that we are moving to the cloud and the software we use most often is both Win and Mac. Because there’s less and less reason to have to, and the Adobe system has both, and Most of the fonts are also compatible with both.

The third reason is that, when creating and experimenting with Office software, the most popular version, Illustrator, is the one with the highest market share. I thought doing it on Windows, which has a lot of them, would be less of a hassle and would result in saving time. Because.

The hardware, what did you do with it?

It’s Windows hardware, but it’s a home-built PC. Thinking about using it for a long time, I thought about the ease of exchange of parts and made it a self-made PC.

I could have gotten the parts together from scratch and made my own, but that was a hassle, so W, sai I asked them to send me a PC made by Com, a site that deals with homemade PCs. I did. It’s a little more expensive, but they wire it up nicely and I’m so used to doing my own computer. It’s not that I’m not, and it’s oddly tiring.

BTO personal computer(PC) [@Sycom] (Sycom)

What about software alternatives?

Since we have moved to the cloud, we don’t have to worry about software compatibility, etc. I didn’t.

As for the cloud-based ones, “To what extent can we take our data (hobbies and work) to the cloud to save time and You can read more about it in “Can you streamline it – 0017” here.

I’d like to note the following two things Other than that, I had both Win/Mac software, so I just had to install them.

A little trouble.

The problem I had with the migration is printable data.

It is the handling of past versions of Illustrator data. Because of the fonts, some of them have been collapsing in the layout.

However, I had saved this along with the outlined data, so I was able to get the parts from there. I can copy and paste or change to a similar typeface and so far it works fine.

How does it feel to operate?

The operating system is different, of course, so the feel of the controls are different, and details like dirty fonts and There’s a lot going on. Once again, there is a part of me that was reaffirmed that the feel of the Mac is good, but that’s just a story that you can “get used to”. I wonder if the When I think about it calmly, these levels don’t really matter.


After years of production, I have become very particular about the details, but in this day and age, such a small I feel that it is becoming necessary to drop the focus on the level and go for the one that is more efficient I am.