I found it useful to spend my Rakuten Limited Time Points with “Rakuten Coupons”!

I found it useful to spend my Rakuten Limited Time Points with “Rakuten Coupons”!


If you’re going to buy the things you need anyway, you’ll want to use your points, especially the Rakuten card, so I use my Rakuten card to pay for most of my company’s items. When that happens, I have a problem with “Rakuten limited time points”. You can use normal Super Points for anything, but Rakuten Limited Time Limit Points can be used for a limited time only. It has an expiration date.
I’ve found a good way to personally spend them in a good way.

Spend Rakuten Limited Time Points with Rakuten Kouchou

Rakuten offers a digital ticket called “[Rakuten Market] Rakuten Ticket|” at Rakuten.

You can buy a digital ticket at Rakuten and use it in the city. There aren’t many stores that are eligible, but you can buy tickets at “Ueshima Coffee Shop”, “Sukiya”, “Thirty-One Ice Cream”, and There is an “Osaka Ohsho” etc. Personally, I changed to this one because Sukiya is relatively close to me.

As a condition of use, you must have a smartphone.

How to purchase “Rakuten” tickets

It’s not particularly difficult to order, so I’ll skip it, but it’s the same as the way to buy a product in Rakuten. Don’t forget to spend “Rakuten Limited Time Points” at the time of purchase.

Usage (for Sukiya)

In the case of Sukiya, the ticket is limited to the “regular” beef bowl, so you can order the “regular” size first. Of course, you can also order miso soup and oshinko for an additional charge.

After purchase, you only need to ask the cashier if you want to use “Rakuten” at the register. Then, have the clerk look at the processing screen while you process the order. In the case of Sukiya, each store has a four-digit number, so enter that number. (There is no need to write down the number on the register.

When the process is complete, you will see the message “Used” as shown below. You will have to pay for the difference in miso soup and oshinko separately in cash or other forms of payment.

Rakuten limited time points are also money, so make sure you use them up!

It may depend on the person, but the Rakuten Limited Time Limit points are a few dozen points, which is a half a dozen points. It’s easy to discard them as they are, but Rakuten Limited Time Points are also money. It’s a good idea to use them up, even if it takes a little effort, to save money.