Should the area of vitiligo be kept out of the sun?

Should the area of vitiligo be kept out of the sun?


Should vitiligo be exposed to sunlight? I will describe my personal experience with it.


The content here is based on the author’s own experience. I don’t know if it is effective for all people. It is a type of folk medicine, and my thoughts on folk medicine are “The pros and cons of folk medicine in vitiligo vulgaris listed in the

Please understand the above before making your decision.

You shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight.

In my opinion, it’s best to avoid exposing areas of vitiligo to sunlight as much as possible. I think.

When I was just starting to get vitiligo, my dermatologist told me that I should shine sunlight on it, and I did it. I had a problem with it spreading more than before. Since then, I’ve considered not exposing myself to sunlight.

What to do about sun protection?

Basically, it’s a good idea to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the effects of the sun and cover up the areas you can cover up with clothing I think. I can’t help but notice the appearance of vitiligo vulgaris, so I think it’s possible to consider it as a sun protection I am. I wear sunscreen, of course.

In my case, it’s on the back of my hand, and I use long, long sleeves to cover the back of my hand (like a girl holding her sleeve in her hand). (Image) and the following arm covers.

I don’t see many men wearing arm covers, so I envy women. I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing them, you know?

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Effects of global warming? I feel like the UV rays are getting stronger and the temperature is rising every year, probably because of the

I hope that the time will come when men won’t have to worry about wearing UV protection other than sunscreen.