Paper and pen for long-term storage

Paper and pen for long-term storage


What do you do with paper nowadays? I’m sure many of you think that this is a good idea. I also believe that the majority of information should be in digital data.

But for a very small portion of the information, there is some information that you want to keep on paper for a long time.
For example, it’s something that involves money, such as a situation in which I moved a large amount of money. I wanted the best paper and pen for that, so I did a lot of research and here’s what I found So I’ll make a note of it.

To begin.

I’m taking into account the fact that it’s relatively easy to get, so there may be better products out there. If so, please point it out to me.

Paper is a swallow notebook

Swallows Note looks like a good paper. The swallow notebooks are made from a paper called “swallow neutral paper Fools”, which is the best neutral paper for storage and They are there.

Reference: Why we recommend Tsubame Note – the-Note.jp – Enjoy writing. It’s an important time to write your heart out.

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The pen is a cherry crepe “Pigma

The pen looks like a Sakura Crepuscular “Pigma” with “pens with water-based pigment ink” would be a good choice.

Among official documents, the most important ones that should not be lost later on are family registers and so on. The Department of Justice has approved the use of pygmies.

4850 Permissibility of entry in the family register, etc., using a “pigma” fountain pen (1984)
Inquiry by the Director-General of the Miyazaki District Legal Affairs Bureau, Door No. 183 dated March 16; by the Ministry of Justice, Civil Affairs, dated July 16 of the same year

Answer of the Director of the Second Division of the Civil Affairs Bureau, No. 3599, No. 2; Civil Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, No. 2, No. 3, No. 600 of the same date. (Notice of Division 2 of the Civil Affairs Bureau to the Director of the Administrative Division and the Director of the District Legal Affairs Bureau) (Notice) The above-mentioned matter is
attached as Exhibit A. We have received an inquiry from the Director of the Miyazaki District Legal Affairs Bureau and have responded as described in the Appendix B. Please arrange for the head of the city, ward, town or village to be informed of this matter.
(Exhibit B) With regard to the matter in question, which has been referred to as Family Register No. 183 dated March 16, this year, please make the following inquiries

We believe that it is acceptable to use the following tools to enter information in the family register, etc. I. Use of Pigma Pen and Resouce Pen in Alien Registration Office (February 1985)
(Response to Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Respondent 278, dated 16 March),
the description on the original documents and registration certificate j
in relation to the inquiry
writing instruments.
I can’t help but admit it.

Reference: Water-based pens for archival purposes|Preservation equipment

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It’s useful because people forget about the past, but if you don’t dig back and talk about issues from the past, such as a trial, you’re not going to be able to talk about them. Some things can happen that you shouldn’t. Based on what happened to me in the past, I’d like to share with you some of the important information you should leave behind, especially when it comes to money. I feel that it is necessary to dare to preserve information on paper.

Even though I’m a basic digital person, I don’t know when a money-related disaster will come my way. I thought it would be a good idea to save the evidence in case that happens.