I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my kids to give up being professional gamers.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my kids to give up being professional gamers.


I have a hobby of streaming live games on YouTube, and the kids who come to watch it. There are a lot of kids who want to be professional gamers in

The NES (Family Computer) was in its heyday back in our day, but there was no such thing as a professional gamer. I had no words for it, and I never imagined it would be possible. So, as long as the path to becoming a professional gamer is somewhat open for kids today, so Maybe it’s no wonder that some children want to be in a profession.

But personally, however, professional gamers are very narrowly defined and the odds of becoming one are low, so it’s a good idea to make sure your Maybe it’s selfish of me to want my kids to have a decent career, but that’s what I wish for. There are some ^_^^;

So, for parents who aren’t familiar with the game, I’d like to point you to a child who wants to be a professional gamer. I’ve written down as many reasons as I can think of for giving up being a professional gamer. Why not use a good reason from these reasons that makes sense to you and explain it well?

Is that favorite game of yours a game that can make you money?

There are many games in the world. Are there any competitions held with large prizes for children’s favorite games?

The fact that game tournaments are held means that there is a certain number of participants and the popularity of the game itself, but I think there is a lot of difference between the games kids want to play and the games that make money.

There are ____ games that can make money, but can you keep playing this game? Why not ask the question.

One game trend after another.

I know this because I played a lot of games since I was a kid, but the fighting games that were so popular at the time were Since new series and genres have become obsolete, it’s hard to keep track of how many times you can play one game at the same time. It is not going to be done for ten years.

In fact, it’s safe to assume that the peak of the game will be over in two to three years. For kids, when a new game is created that you can earn money from, even if you’ve gotten good at it, you’ll be able to play it. Can we move on to your game? You might want to ask them.

Children can only see the current situation as they gain it. It’s a changing of the times, or rather, a changing of the game that can be earned over and over again in the course of a long life. It’s a good idea to see if you can keep up with it for

The game market is overseas.

As of 2018, the game tournament market is not as exciting in Japan as it is abroad. In particular, there are probably only a few games that involve prize money.

By comparison, there are a lot more gaming tournaments abroad than in Japan, and a lot more money involved. When it comes to earning money through gaming, I’m sure that there will be a lot of traveling overseas for the foreseeable future.

How about making them learn English under the guise of being a professional gamer? If you can’t use English, you’ll be in trouble over there. Even if you’re only good at gaming, if you can’t negotiate a contract, you’re not going to make it. So let’s learn English along with the game.

Why not say that? You might give up being a professional gamer by saying you like games but hate learning. (However, I personally think it’s useful to be able to speak English without them.

Professional gamers are also “in business

Somewhere I have seen the saying, “A trade is never boring”.
It would certainly seem to be true at times. As long as we do it as a job, we have to do the same thing for decades, and we’re not going to get bored. Things don’t get the job done. Therefore, it’s important to “get bored” with the game.

This is a bit of a time-consuming approach, but it works best if you make sure they report on that game every day.
It will please them at first, but this is because kids tend to get bored with the obligatory stuff. It helps them realize that games are fun because they’re free, and they’re not fun if they’re obligatory. Let’s.


What do you think about some of the points I’ve written about? To add to this so that there are no misunderstandings, I’m not criticizing professional gamers. For example, for our generation, there is a professional gamer named Daigo Umehara, who has I even feel respect for you.

Listening to Mr. Umehara’s story, I think it’s clear that the idea of playing games and improving one’s skills (previous I have a very solid understanding of (moving forward to) It seems to me that they are practicing the very “never get bored

As a result, Umehara-san is making a living as a professional gamer in Japan. What about your children? Most of them just think it’s fun and interesting to play a game that they can play freely, but when you make a career out of it, you’re not going to be able to make a living out of it. I don’t think there is any recognition to say.

Games are interesting to the extent that they are enjoyed as a hobby.

I can understand the logic of an adult who doesn’t want you to be a professional gamer, but let the game itself do the work, and The adult sense of not wanting to be a part of it is indeed forced. Games are acceptable. But I’m trying to strike a balance and try to get people to understand the perception of gaming as a fun hobby. I think it makes more sense to do so, personally, and I think it will convince the child.

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