The parts of the house should be of a general specification that you can buy at a home improvement store.

The parts of the house should be of a general specification that you can buy at a home improvement store.


I had a chance to talk to a construction company at work, and that’s when I heard what I thought, I see. So I’ll make a note of it.

There are two main specifications of components used in the construction of a house

The “parts” here refer to window frames, doors, water features (sinks), bath tubs, etc. These parts are said to have two main specifications.

  1. Homebuilder’s own specifications.
  2. Specifications made by each component manufacturer

Note that the specifications are different and therefore the sizes are different.

Why do major home builders make their own specifications?

The major home builders are having their respective component manufacturers custom build their homes and selling homes with those components The There are a number of reasons why home builders may choose to make their own specifications

  1. We need to match the design size of the house we want to sell.
  2. Because they can lower prices by having their own components to their own specifications.
  3. To discourage people from going to other companies for replacement due to natural failure by making it to their own specifications.

What are the specifications that each component manufacturer makes?

To put it simply, think of it as a part that you can easily buy at a home improvement center. INAX for sashes, TOTO for toilets, and so on, and each part manufacturer can be found at home centers. It means the products that we are wholesaling.

It’s important to balance budget and content.

A house is a consumable item. If you live in a house for a long time, some parts will break. I think it is important to consider as much as possible the parts that can be repaired by ourselves when the house breaks down. Hmm?

If the house is built by a home builder, it’s built to its own specifications (size) from that home builder. You will have no choice but to buy them. The unique size means that there is no rival for sales, so the parts will be more expensive I can see it.

I’m acutely aware that houses are difficult to answer because of the complexity of the various conditions involved. We have a vision for the house we want to build. At times like this, we have to make sure that we have a vision of what we want to build and where we cannot be displaced. Maybe it’s important to have a “relationship where you feel comfortable talking about those concerns”. It’s getting a little complicated for me too, as I’m writing.


A house is a consumable item, but it’s an expensive purchase that is said to last a lifetime. If you keep in mind the point of ease of repair when it breaks down, it might help you in making decisions about your house. It might.

In the computer industry where I’m from, there’s a strong sense of “standardization” in the rest of the industry. I feel that there is still a strong sense of proprietary specifications. Whether you want a proprietary specification or a general specification, the perspective of what you buy and what you use for each component in the house. I felt it was important.