Apparently home ownership is something that costs a lot of money.

Apparently home ownership is something that costs a lot of money.


Last time I wrote an article titled “When building a house, it’s better to install more electrical outlets in more places: memo”, but this time it’s about the same kind of house.

These are notes from a friend, so they may not be accurate. Please check and see for yourself for more details.

Save money for future renovations.

Just because you build a home, doesn’t mean you can live in it forever. It will be exposed to rain and wind every day and will deteriorate.

If the house was built when it was 30 years old, when about 30 years have passed, the need to think about remodeling etc. It’s
generally not possible to get another
million or more in expenses. You will have to pay for it by remodeling. My friend told me that I need to save up for that while I’m young. That’s true, isn’t it?

The price per tsubo may not include administrative fees and other costs.

It depends on the house maker, but the price per tsubo is the cost of carpenters’ man-month and materials to build it, and it is not the price of a house. , the various application processing costs for building a house may not be included.

The cost will vary depending on the size of the house, but in the case of a friend’s house, 7-8 million in administrative fees. It cost about 2,200 to 2,300. If you had a budget of 30 million yen, you could spend 2,200 to 2,300 It looks like it would be better to think of it as ¥10,000,000.

It’s advertised as a 990,000 yen house in commercials, but I’m sure that’s a separate administrative fee and 1 It may be a trick that it will be 5,500 to 20 million yen. Of course, the cost of airing commercials is probably being paid for out of sight.

Homeowners are subject to property taxes.

Although I was not able to ask a specific amount of money, a “property tax” is applied to an owner’s house. Naturally, this is in addition to the building costs (per square foot) and administrative fees mentioned above. Since it is something that regularly exits each month, you must also estimate the amount for it.