The “natural” way of thinking about management and pricing is not done. The article on competitiveness is too helpful.

The “natural” way of thinking about management and pricing is not done. The article on competitiveness is too helpful.


Here’s the article that inspired me to set up this blog site. A Conversation with Dr. R — Where’s the Competitive Edge : From the Time Consultant’s Journal.
When I wrote this article in
2010, I had been
freelancing for three years. Even reading it now, it’s very convincing. It’s a long sentence as it is, so I’ve tried to summarize it in my own way.

Management Approach

Japan is currently experiencing a deflationary trend, and it is easy to get a lower price for everything you do. However, if the price is not in line with what is being asked, explain the reasoning and raise the price. It’s important to become and lower the price to match the price.

It basically makes sense to me, but that doesn’t mean I should just take it all in stride. There is none. For example, if you say, “Buy me a ready-made product,” you’ll certainly not get a job next time. Ugh. There are spikes in the wording of the statement as it is, so I said, “How well you go with your words and flow. It’s important to “go”. If you’re considering honesty, it’s still important to explain the reasoning behind the decision! .

The “governmental demand” here probably refers to governmental offices such as city halls, etc., but there are similar cases of large I think the same can be said for our relationships with companies. When you’re dealing with a large corporation, it’s easy to get a perception of being “stable”.

Securing a stable job with a large company while looking for another source of income to diversify the risk. It will be.


Am I able to do this now? Some of it is done, and some of it isn’t. What I haven’t been able to do is the part about “It is the continuation of a bad business in a glorified way that is a failure”.

While my current job isn’t a failure, the future is precarious, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to find a new food source. It’s important.

If you’re working in a completely different genre, the probability of failure increases, and in a broader sense, the direction of the business you’re currently in. It’s important to add new elements to the business while making sure it doesn’t get out of character. But it’s hard to find the seeds of that business, isn’t it?

But we have to keep thinking about it, so we have to do our best.

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