Don’t stick to one gameplay title.

Don’t stick to one gameplay title.


I’m a video game player as a hobby.
I’m a bottom-feeder YouTuber, so I may not be as convincing, but I’m still just as good. I get the impression that many of our channel subscribers are in the same situation, so I’ll give you my thoughts. I’d like to write.

Why don’t I just stick to one game?

The main premise of a live game is that I can have fun playing it. Even so, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stick to one game at a time.

The reason is very simple: every game has a “lifetime”. By “lifespan” here, I mean the amount of time your audience will be interested in your game.

For example, I like Splatoon 2 and play it a lot, but as expected, it’s been two years since it was released also has passed, the updates have been completed, and it seems that fewer and fewer people are willing to keep looking. This is what I call longevity.

When one game becomes popular, the gameplayer

As an example of what I’ve seen, a game player who got attention for one game, played another game Then the number of views is much lower.

The more views you get, the better, of course, so the more popular games you play as a result It will be. This will make it difficult to bring the game to the next one when its life span comes to an end one day.

Two or more gameplay titles are preferable.

There are different types of live gameplay, such as “video posting” and “live broadcasting,” depending on the play-by-play format, so if you like I think you can choose to turn at least two of the game titles into I think it’s a good idea.

As you turn the two game titles around, one of them becomes obsolete, or the number of views. There will be times when you’ll say you’re going to be slow to grow. We’re always looking for that kind of timing, or expecting that to happen, and we’re always looking for new titles. I feel it’s important to check it out.

However, different game titles have different levels of popularity. Playing a very popular title with many rivals also has its advantages and disadvantages, and unpopular It’s also possible that playing a game title in the first place won’t get you any more plays. It’s a difficult balance to strike, isn’t it?

The basic premise is that you like the game.

I’ve written a lot of things, but the main premise of a game is to enjoy yourself first. There’s no point in playing a game that you find boring, because there’s no point in playing a game that you find boring.

If you choose a game while imagining how many views it will get, you’ll lose the original purpose of playing it, and you’ll lose the chance to play it live. It’s an act of survival, so consider the balance. It’s important to spend your time playing a game that you think will be interesting! Hey.