My investment conclusions

My investment conclusions


I’ve been interested in this thing called investing for about two years now, and I’ve come to one conclusion that I’m going to make a note of

First, my current situation.

I will not deliberately write down the price at which I made a profit, but only the current holdings. (As of August 19, 2020)

Let’s be clear on our purpose.

I think there is a purpose for investing. I’ve thought about this a lot and I think there are about three things

Everyone’s purpose is different, so there is no need to deny that purpose. However, it’s important not to change from the purpose you’ve set.

I want to make more money with my money.

This is probably the goal for most people. I’m the same way. I have concluded that mutual funds are the only way to go about this. Here’s what I would say about them

With the stocks I chose, I will reinvest the money I get from this and keep it for a long time. I figured this was all I needed to do.

US individual stocks have the same objective…

The following individual U.S. stocks have the same purpose, but once they were bought, they did not increase their capital. Therefore, the only purpose of increasing them was to increase or decrease the share price, which did not make sense.
So, I’m going to stump up Pinterest and P&G, which I want to support personally, and sell the other two as they come to terms (I feel like I’m waiting for them to sell now, because if I sell now, I’ll be in the red a little bit.

Beneficial shareholders

The following two were purchased (again) entirely for preferential shareholder purposes. Fortunately, both are bought when they are cheap, so they are always on the positive side. So, these will be stumped unless they lose their preferential shareholders.

It’s all about purpose after all.

I’ve decided to make adjustments to the above objectives. It’s important to be clear on the objective of "this is where I hope to get it.

In my case, I made a big mistake by not increasing my capital in U.S. stocks to try to increase my money, so I will revise that.

We can learn from continuing to watch individual stocks as well, so I’m going to hold on to them a little bit and keep watching them.