YouTube distributors don’t have to be true to their children’s statements.

YouTube distributors don’t have to be true to their children’s statements.


I’m a game player on YouTube, and I upload videos and broadcast live. In this article, I’d like to write about a YouTube thing that happens.

A lot of times, “I’ve signed up for the channel” is a lie.

Often when you are broadcasting live, you will receive comments from people who seem to be children, saying “This is my first time watching your show. I’ve signed up for the channel,” and some people will make a comment that says, “I’m new to the show.

The number of subscribers to a single channel is important to a lowly play-by-player like me, so it’s important to be able to say “Thank you! I thank you for that,” but in hindsight, it doesn’t register.

Or the pattern is that I really signed up for it at the time, but then unsubscribed as soon as I was done.

This is probably because we know that our kids have value in this thing called “channel registration” and I think it’s a sign of the desire to use them as bait and to go above the distributors.

If you’re on the distribution side of things, you’ll know that while it’s great that people are subscribing to your channel, it’s also great that you’re I don’t think you should worry about it because it’s something you can easily undo with.

How to respond

How should we as distributors respond to these situations? I think it’s fine to just say “Thank you” and leave it at that.

Sometimes there are some amazingly stupid kids who say they’ll unchannel you if you don’t listen to them. You should be able to say, “Please disarm. You should take an orderly approach to those people and say, “Please unsubscribe.

We don’t want viewers who say those things to come to us, because we honestly don’t want them to come. Consider blocking them.

Finally, a real fan is a real fan.

YouTube distributors could be viewed as petite celebrities.

I don’t understand it myself, but apparently being a YouTuber is a selfish thing for a child to do. It feels like there is an image of abandonment.

But that’s never going to happen, is it? No, some YouTubers may be really selfish, but it’s usually not. There isn’t one, and it will only cost you money to do so.

Real celebrities also play the role of the bad guy for various reasons, including for the structure of the show and for convenience. I’m sure there are times, but that’s just a broad way to entertain viewers.

Behind the scenes, there are a lot of relationships and interests that come into play, including the relationship between the individual and the office, and the relationship with the TV station. You should be sincere and care about any person from

Kids don’t even see that aspect of the situation. So it’s important not to take your child’s behavior seriously at every step of the way.