Easy side hustle – the purchase from Twitter + Amazon affiliates is rather common

Easy side hustle – the purchase from Twitter + Amazon affiliates is rather common


I have been tweeting my purchases on my personal Twitter page, but I don’t know if my purchases are There is, so I’ll make a note of my own way of tweeting.

Always include a photo of proof of purchase.

Introducing products that I didn’t buy didn’t work for me. Be sure to include a picture of the product you purchased with your tweet.

The products don’t necessarily have to be purchased on Amazon as long as they are exactly the same.

Write your product impressions to the limit of the number of characters.

Product feedback should be written to the Twitter character limit. If you try to do the same thing in a blog post, it’s a lot of work, but I’d say 140 characters for Twitter. Good luck with that. I use TweetDeck, which calculates the number of characters in real time It’s useful because it allows you to multiply your text while watching the number of characters.

In writing impressions, try to reduce the number of words as much as possible. For example, change “please” to “please”, or “when you do” to “when you do”. I intentionally reduce the number of characters that can be expressed in Chinese characters by using Chinese characters.

Also, I’ll cut down on the readings as much as possible; they’re short (140 characters), so you can read them even if you cut them down.

And maybe this is just me, but is it called “double speak”? I have a habit of writing double entendres that mean the same thing, like “my headache hurts” and “I’ll regret it later. We’ll keep those areas simple as well.

Use the Amazon Associate Bar for affiliate URLs.

Be sure to use the Amazon Associate Bar for URLs with affiliates. It contains your associate ID but only requires a short character count.

The reward will be an Amazon code.

Cash takes longer to redeem, so make sure your rewards are Amazon codes. You’ll be able to spend it regularly in less time.


You need to have a certain number of followers on Twitter. I have about 950 followers, but it still brings in about $2,000 on a regular basis. If you’re willing to give it a try, why not give it a try?