Two supplements I take for vitiligo, plus one

Two supplements I take for vitiligo, plus one


Vitiligo is not painful but noticeable in appearance, and sometimes it can be mentally depressing. Being depressed doesn’t start anything, so I take a supplement that I think is good for me. I would like to introduce that supplement in this article.

exemption from responsibility

The information described here is based on the author’s own experience. I do not know if it is effective for all people. It is a type of folk medicine, and my thoughts on folk medicine are “The pros and cons of folk medicine in vitiligo vulgaris described in the following section.

Please understand the above before you make your decision.

Yakushima Spring Turmeric Granules 600 (Old Spring Turmeric Tablets)

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They say that one of the reasons why people get vitiligo is because of “active carbon”. So, if we can reduce that active carbon, we’ll be able to stop it from progressing any further. I’ve been thinking about it and doing a lot of research and taking turmeric this spring.

Turmeric is not fishy to begin with, so I think it’s safe to drink it. I chose the grain type for ease of drinking, but I think the powder type is fine as well.

Panax pseudo-ginseng and saponin

One of the things that is said to be good for getting rid of active oxygen species is an ingredient called saponin. Saponin is contained in Tashichi ginseng. If you search for septic ginseng, you will find the following products.

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I have not purchased this one, although it seems to be quite reliable. The reason is the cost. So I am taking the following products.

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I’m going with this one because of its low price and its rather good reputation. This product comes in capsules, so if you are worried about the capsules, you can take apart the capsules and remove the powder inside. You should try to drink only.

+1 Rooibos tea

This is not a supplement, but I drink rooibos tea all the time. Rooibos tea is also said to help remove active oxygen species.

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I buy the powder sticks individually wrapped type of powder.

I put two of these sticks in a plastic bottle of mineral water, stir and drink it! .


Maybe it’s my stance, but I choose to take what seems to be safe, although it’s not a quick fix. I believe that if I don’t continue to change my constitution, I will eventually get it again.

If you’d like, you can use this as a reference.