The trouble with the “can you keep it up for 10 years” thing you’re doing

The trouble with the “can you keep it up for 10 years” thing you’re doing


Do you have anything that you have been doing for a long time? Today, I’m going to write down a few thoughts.

Is there anything that you have done for a long time?

I’m about to be a good old man. When I look back, I can only count the number of things that I did for a long time. I guess the only two things I’ve continued to do are

Barriers to doing it for 10 years

When you’re my age, you worry about whether or not you’ll have the desire to continue to do new things for many years. In many cases, I end up not doing anything at all.

I also dabble in the things that interest me, but I don’t feel like I’m an expert on them. No, it’s halfway through. I wonder if it’s going to be wasted or something. I’m already screwed.

What I want to do now.

The desire to run an illustration distribution site and earn advertising revenue from it. It has become. I believe that by doing this for a long time, it gives me a power that others can’t imitate.

But if the work you do is more like “work”, I worry about whether you can keep doing it for a long time, and if you assume you’re going to do it for 10 years from now I’m going to pass 50. So I wonder if I can do it.

Just do it.

Well, you just have to try and do it. As you get older, youthfulness as a feeling and your own fitness are two separate issues.

As we get older, we lose that kind of courage, so I encourage you young people to keep going! Try the challenge W