How to convert fonts to woff format in sfnt2woff for Mac

How to convert fonts to woff format in sfnt2woff for Mac


The WOFF converter is the most famous software for converting fonts to woff format, but Because it seems to be a little light when you use sfnt2woff, note how to use it.

Check environment

1.Download the sfnt2woff file

sfnt2woff frompeople.mozilla.org/~jkew/woff/ Download the file. (for Mac OS X) link for it.

2.Put sfnt2woff and the target font in the same folder.

The downloaded sfnt2woff file and the target font (in this case testfont .otf) in the same folder (in this case, the font folder).

Strictly speaking, you probably don’t need to include it, but I’ll include it to make the later operations easier.


3.Open a terminal and enter a command

It moves to the created folder.

 $ cd /Users/username/Desktop/Font

Enter the command sfnt2woff as shown below.

 $ . /sfnt2woff testfont.otf

The conversion is finished in the terminal and a woff file is created in the same folder.

I don’t use the option (it doesn’t work well).

sfnt2woff provides a lot of options, but if you set them, you can’t use It doesn’t seem to work well. (If you know how to make it work, please let me know. I think.

 . /sfnt2woff [-v .] [-m ] [-p ] 
    package OpenType as WOFF, creating .woff
    -v .     set font version number (major and minor, both integers)
    -m include metadata from (not validated)
    -p include private data block

If you can’t get it to work, make sfnt2woff from the source file. I’ve uploaded the file, so you can use that one.
In the same folder, there is a “woff2sfnt” file, which probably converts woff to ttf. I think it can be done.
Download (20kb)