Trends of companies and CEOs with problems after 10+ years of freelancing (subjective)

Trends of companies and CEOs with problems after 10+ years of freelancing (subjective)


I try to avoid writing about poisonous things as much as possible, but sometimes ^_^^

In the beginning.

The information I have written here is based on my personal experience. Please note that it may not fit the general feeling.

You don’t pay for it, but you make demands.

In my job, I also manage domains and servers, and 90% of them are from companies that have common sense. However, there are companies that are 10% more troublesome.

They wouldn’t pay for their servers and domains. I repeatedly urged them to pay by sending them specific records, or by sending them a certified copy of a document, or a common It’s a hassle every year, like having people pay for it by saying it through someone they know.

Probably, to that customer, they think much lower of me. Sometimes they don’t pay these basic fees, but they come up with new requests. For example, the recent trend of whole site SSL. It’s getting to be a pain in the ass to do it every year, so this year, with the help of a judicial scrivener and others, I’m canceling the contract I plan to take it in the direction of


In the course of my work, I sometimes create websites for painters. The people who don’t pay for the above mentioned are also painters. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that I’ve been working with three companies, but all of them have a quirk or two. They were all companies that were.

You may have an admirable painting skill, but you’re honestly paying for an outsourcing project. Companies that can’t pay, companies that don’t understand give and take, when they’re asking for something they can’t do. Companies that don’t pay the price for it. I have the impression that many people in the painting industry are like that.

people to ask for a discount for not being familiar with computers.

Because of my job, I have a lot of knowledge about the basics of computers and the web-server domain, etc. There is.

On the other hand, for people outside of the computer industry, these technologies are completely unfamiliar to them. The fact that you don’t know is in itself, but it’s cheap to ask for a technology you don’t know. Many people are only willing to have it done at a price.

Perhaps it’s because the computer industry, for a time, over-hyped the “you can do it for zero yen” or “you can do it for free After that, industry prices were destroyed at a stroke, or the idea that cheap is the norm. It has been put away. I imagine that this still has an effect on them.

Of course there are places where the service is free, and I’m not denying that in and of itself, but It’s no surprise that doing that on behalf of the company would cost a lot of work and commission. When you just became a freelancer, it’s quite a job to say “I can help that person” even if it’s I have been receiving a number of companies, but lately I have been turning them down when it comes to companies that are too bad.


In doing freelance work, not all clients are kind and understanding Hmm. I think it’s good to have a variety of people in and of itself.

However, the bare minimum, pay the bill correctly and don’t look down on their profession. As I write down again the house dealings with companies that have come down to me, I have to be careful with myself. I recognized that I had to.

Sincerely. I felt that this word was really important.