I’ve heard it’s better to have more places for electrical outlets when building a house.

I’ve heard it’s better to have more places for electrical outlets when building a house.


A friend of mine built a house and I went to visit him. I didn’t realize it before we built it, and after we actually built the house, there were parts of it that I thought we should have done that, etc. That’s right.

I don’t know if I’ll be building a house in my future, but I’ll make a note of the points/advice I’ve heard I think.

I heard that generally speaking, I’m going to instruct myself where each room needs an outlet on the blueprint, but I’m going to have to make more than that. Even though I thought I had it on, there were times when I said, “I wanted it in this place,” or “This room isn’t enough. It was like.

When you build a house, you do the wiring for the outlet system, but you can’t add the outlet locations later. Therefore, he said it was better to put on more than one outlet, not to be stingy. When the number of outlets were small, there was no choice but to use “octopus legs wiring” and the extension cable was messy. It’s not a good idea. Massive amounts of cables are not beautiful.

The point is.

  1. Which room to put it in.
  2. How many to put on.
  3. Placement, not only on the left and right, but also the location of heaven and earth.

I guess that’s about it.

1.Which room to put them in.

…or something like that. Well, you’re asking me to check all the rooms.

2.How many to put on.

3.Not only left and right, but also the location of the heavens and earth.

Some contractors say, “This outlet in the kitchen will be used for the microwave, so let’s put it on top. It seems that sometimes we make decisions and take unnecessary meddling.

Because blueprints are often viewed in top view, it’s possible that they don’t notice the concept of heaven and earth itself. I think.

Since the client is an amateur homeowner and has to deal with a variety of other home related issues, such as You will often not notice the point of view itself. So, in addition to the position of the placement from the top surface, do you put that outlet at the top or at the bottom? You should also be clear on the instructions for what
As for possible outlets that might be attached to the top

There are likely to be such things as