Let’s just say it without putting the key word “I think” in the blog.

Let’s just say it without putting the key word “I think” in the blog.


It’s a habit of mine when I write, and I use the words “I think” a lot. I try to reduce the number of words I use or adjust them during the writing process. It is.

The more you think, the less confident you seem to be.

When you use the word “I think,” you’re not confident in the words you say or the content of your blog post. It looks like.

Of course, you should use the word “I think” when it comes to nerve-wracking information, such as in medical matters . But I’m happy to say that if it’s based on my own actual experience.

Because even if it was a failure for someone else, I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I used to care so much about the other person’s failures that I kept repeating, ~I think, ~I think.

You just have to be confident.

My experience and what I feel is the right thing for me to say, no matter what anyone else says, and the right thing to say. It should be. So let’s just say it out.

If I’m wrong, just apologize.

I wrote the article based on my own experience, so even if the readers who read it fail to put it into practice, it’s inherently Then there’s no need to apologize.

But you should just apologize. That’s what adults do in the world. After you apologize, correct or state your opinion. That’s good enough for me.


The key word “-I think” is a very easy word to use. If you just say “I think” for now, it’s a handy word that can be used to change direction either way, no matter what’s going on. From. You all have your own thoughts, even if you’re wrong, at least when you’re running your own blog. I’d like to say it out.

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