I had a strange dream. If you have a dream, it’s good luck to find out what it suggests from the dream.

I had a strange dream. If you have a dream, it’s good luck to find out what it suggests from the dream.


Maybe when I’m tired, I have weird dreams. I haven’t been dreaming much lately, but I haven’t had a weird dream in a long time, so I’ll make a note of it.

A dream situation.

At home in bed. I was very exhausted from setting up the event project that day.
This is the dream I had after the event, as I collapsed in bed.

Story (it’s a dream).

I was making a living as a freelancer when I was scouted by an IT company in Tokyo. I changed jobs. Let’s say the company is Company A.

I come to work at company A and am given my seat. I look to the side and see a bunch of people I know!

Mr. Mya was studying JAVA when he was a student.

Mii, a programmer I had the pleasure of working with for a while in Tokyo.

Suki was working as a designer and coder in a friend’s company.

When I say hello to him because I know him, everyone smiles back at me, but I get the impression that his eyes are dead. I took it.

I think it was web design.

This A company is run by? The apparent head of the company seems to have an overwhelming amount of power, and all the designs and programs submitted It seemed that they couldn’t let me out without getting the OK from there.

I was watching this from a distance, and I was like, “What? I thought, “This company… I felt like wow.

The design I submitted was revised and resubmitted because I received instructions to correct some of it.

M-ya-kun, M-i-kun, and S-ki-san were in the middle of correcting their own mistakes.

I glanced at the three of them and saw that they were working, but their eyes were uniformly dead.

I was reading a book on JAVA while I was waiting for instructions. By the way, I can’t do JAVA in real life at all.

As I studied, I thought, “I knew that the bigger a company gets, the worse it gets. I thought to myself.

…This is where I wake up.

What does this dream reveal about me?

I’m not a fortune teller, so I don’t know the details of the dream, but if you look at the following URL, you’ll see that it’s not a very good trendy dream There doesn’t seem to be any.

Maybe it’s because it was a dream I had right after I got tired in real life, as mentioned above, but I’m thinking again about how work should be done. I felt like I had to, I felt like I had to.


Whenever I have a dream, I look up what the situation is like on the internet like this, and every time I see the results to, maybe I’m fundamentally a worrier. tendency from my dreams, which often doesn’t turn out so well.

I’m dented again when I learn of these results.

When you get to a certain age, you start to think about the end of your life. Like, do I need money to live, but is my life all about working?

In the meantime, I’d like to change or break free of my worrying personality. When I look at it from a gut perspective, worrying won’t change anything. Life is only what it will be, you know.
I want to live and enjoy life in a way that makes me feel fulfilled every day.

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