How to add hosts on a Mac

How to add hosts on a Mac


There are times when the DNS of a domain is not set up, but you have to work with that domain, and the The domain information is written in WordPress, for example. I got a memo on how to set up hosts which can be used in such cases.


Operate in the terminal

Basically, it’s a terminal operation.

1.Use vi as an administrator and open the file /etc/hosts. You will be asked for a password, so enter the administrator password for your Mac.

 sudo vi /etc/hosts

2.At the bottom of the file you open, put your IP address and target domain. Press i to enter the 1bit.mobi

3.Use esc to get out of input mode and type :wq to save and close the file.

4.When you access 1 bit.mobi. you will see the contents of the IP address you specified (000.00.000. 000.00.000. 000) will be displayed.